Limerence is the ultimate, near obsessional form of romantic love. It's the state of being completely carried away by unreasoned passion or love, even to the point of addictive-type behavior. The term was coined by Dorothy Tennov in 1977.

Hey! My name is Doug DeMarra. I am a 23 year old graphic designer from good old "Amish-town" Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I assure you, it's not nearly as cool as what you might be imagining. It consists of horse buggies, stinky cows, and long rows of cornfields. Being that it’s such boring area, it’s no surprise that you either need to relocate to a more urban area, or fend for yourself for a decent fashion/design job.


After gaining some experience in New York, I fled back home with a new passion for fashion design. About two months ago, I decided that I wanted to start up my own personal clothing brand called Limerence. I opened my first webstore on January 1, 2011.

Limerence is a small independent clothing company that literally runs out of my childhood bedroom. Right now, it’s a small operation that has high hopes. The coolest part in my opinion is the design work. All my design work comes from vintage magazines, yearbooks, and newspaper clippings dating from before 1974. Maybe it’s a 1950’s issue of LIFE magazine that has ducks migrating south? Or my parent’s yearbooks? Lately, I’ve been finding myself bouncing through thrift stores asking for old prints of anything.


I like traveling to find my images. Half of the time, I’ll find something new and cooler than what I was originally searching for. I like meeting new people and finding new places. People are too lazy these days. Sometimes google images doesn’t have the answer. Get those scanners out and do something original!

Limerence shirts are printed on soft blended tee shirts. All the shirts are neutral colored, and involve one eco-friendly ink color. The concept is to keep it simple, and not play out an already tired “neon” gimmick. They are made right here in the United States. My friend and I print the shirts in downtown Lancaster.

More info soon...